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H.J. Skelton is a reliable source for metal and shipbuilding materials sourced from world-wide suppliers. Founded in 1883, we draw on many years of experience in providing our customers with products manufactured to the latest and best design specifications available.

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in providing competitive quotes for hard-to-find materials.

Shipbuilding Plates

We source from manufacturers that are renowned specialists in the field of steel sheets for shipbuilding. With their support we offer the most comprehensive range of shipbuilding quality stock sheets.

Shipbuilding Profiles

Our suppliers are world market leaders in the field of bulb flats and inverted angles. Choose from a complete range of dimensions and qualities approved by well known International Classification Organizations. We can supply you with the correct profiles quickly, with the right preservative applied if required.

Quality Manufacturing

Our worldwide manufacturing partners specialize in developing products for the global shipbuilding industry. By focusing on high-quality products with on-time delivery, our manufacturers have established a reputation for providing specified solutions for customers.

Seamless Transition

We organize the logistics by truck, air or sea, cover the insurance, customs clearance and payment of duties and taxes to provide customers with a seamless service with only one invoice, on a delivered, duty paid basis.

A Reliable Source for Metal Products Since 1883

Half Round Bars

Marine Half Round Bars to protect fenders and reduce the loss of collision, for ships with a displacement range of 5000 ~15000 tons.


30x15 mm - Length 6000 mm

40x20 mm - Length 6000 mm

50x25 mm - Length 6000 mm

60x30 mm - Length 6000 mm

76x30 mm - Length 6000 mm

100x50 mm - Length 12000 mm

125x62.5 mm - Length 12000 mm

Anchor Chains


All Types and Grades of New and Relay Rail:

  • 'T' Rails
  • Crane Rails
  • Girder Guard Rails
  • Guard and Check Rails
  • Construction Rails
  • Asymmetrical Rails
  • UIC, BS, ASCE, AREMA, Din Specifications
Railway track image

Ready Reference Dimensional Charts

Image link for Ready Reference Dimensional Chart

Specializing in U69 (new designation 33C1) guard rail, grades to 1200 n/mm2 available

Crane Rails

  • American
  • British
  • European "A" and MRS Series
  • Crane Rail Fasteners

Fastening systems and rail supports for crane rails. Laterally adjustable clips +/- 8 mm, continuous rail support, rail chairs, resilient pads, cement based grout, elastic grout, and rail buffers. Tie backs fabricated to design criteria. We offer a complete system.

Contact us for drawings of rail sections.


RAIL TYPE Spec. & Grade
European "T" rail
European Girder Guard rail
European Crane rail
USA "T" rail
USA Crane rail
British "T" rail
British Crane rail
UIC 860-0, 700,900,1100, EN13674-1 & EN14811-2006
DIN 536
ASTM A759-00
BS 11:1985

Copies of the Rail Standards can be made available upon request.

Dock Bumpers & Fenders

Structural polymer composite will not rot, warp, splinter, crumble, rust, absorb moisture or leach toxic chemicals into the environment. Resistant to infestation by insects, marine borers and other marine parasites.

Protective Coatings

Polyurethane foam systems and polyurea elastomeric coatings for marine and saltwater.

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A reliable source for metal and railway products, H.J. Skelton (founded in 1883), draws on many years of experience in providing our customers with products manufactured to the latest and best designs in the world owned and operated by Canadians.

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