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Rawie Friction Bumping Post/Friction Buffer Stops



In the event of a crash or incident, unprotected track ends can lead to injuries to engineers, passengers, derailments, extensive damage to train sets and facilities behind tracks such as pipelines. All have to be reported. Depending on the extent of injuries, lawyers move in and that means Litigation.


Look at the following crash photos; they could have been avoided with the adequate protection provided by Sliding Friction Bumping Posts equipped with energy absorbing brake shoes. We offer the protection of Rawie units now in use on the large majority of North American Transit Systems.

Sand Boxes

Damage caused to an L.R.T. Vehicle after it had over-run the end of the track and crashed into a sand box.


A light rail train derailed at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport stop. The operator and 22 passengers were hurt.

After these accidents RAWIE Friction Bumping Posts
were installed throughout the system.

Fixed End Stops

These kinds of stops have a limited capacity which, if exceeded, leads to damage to the track and derailment of the cars.

Wood & Earth Endstops

While the wood/earth types of bumping posts are inexpensive, they often prove more trouble than they are worth.

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Ensure Absolute Safety

Insurance does not repair or replace people and the cost of repairing vehicles and track is not cheap! Rawie, who have supplied more than 40,000 units worldwide, offer units suitable for Transits, Yards, Airport People Movers, Mines, and large Industrial Plants such as Steel Mills. They stop costly crashes.

Crash report pdf document

Sliding Bumping Posts On Transits

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Sliding Bumping Posts On Industrial

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Fixed & Folding Bumping Posts

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Airport People Movers

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High Speed Train

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Proudly Serving the Railroad & Engineering
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