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Proudly Serving the Railroad and Engineering Industries since 1883.


With more than one million ties used in Class 1 and Light Transit Rail applications globally, composite railroad ties have proven to be an environmentally friendly and longer performing alternative to chemically treated wood ties.

Developed for high-performance, these long-lasting composite crossties have an incredibly long lifespan in the field. The ties are easy to install, are extremely strong and are impervious to weather, moisture and other harsh environments. They are unaffected by fungi, insect damage and are highly resistant to wear and salt corrosion. These characteristics enable composite ties to deliver superior long-term economic benefits, improved track performance and reduced operational costs while making a positive environmental contribution.

H.J. Skelton (Canada) Ltd is the leading supplier of composite ties in Canada.

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Proudly Serving the Railroad & Engineering
Industries since 1883.


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