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Light Rail Transit Lubrication Systems

H.J. Skelton offers the Moklansa Electronic Rail Lubrication System.

Electronic Rail Lubrication

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Electronic Rail Head Wetting

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Noise is created by friction which can lead to excessive wear on wheels, rails and switches, especially on curves or loops. The replacement of these items is costly, time consuming, and is an ongoing problem in all light rail transit systems. Also complaints from households alongside track due to screeching noise can become litigious.

Now we can offer a lubrication system which is suitable for North American Transits using either Grooved Rail or “T” Rail.

It has been available in Europe for many years and is fully tested. The Moklansa unit will reduce the wear and noise on points and curves. Squeal noise will be reduced significantly. Noise is pollution and creates more customer complaints than most others.

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Moklansa lubrication systems will reduce maintenance of wheels and rails.It is Eco-friendly and it utilizes a GREEN, environmentally friendly lubricant, which can be used in temperatures ranging from plus 60°C (140°F) to minus 55°C (-67°F).

What sets us apart is the fact that we are able to target the problem areas with a precise amount of lubricant in very small quantities. This means no pollution at the contact area between rail and wheel for perfect results.

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We installed a lubricating system in Edmonton for Edmonton Transit Systems, in -40 degree weather and it is working wonders with virtually no sound on the screeching/squealing track and equally important, no more complaints from the citizens living near the LRT.

With reduced noise comes reduced wear, this provides lowered maintenance requirements and saves you money!

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The Stationary Rail Lubrication Systems

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