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Proudly Serving the Railroad and Engineering Industries since 1883.

As at November 2013:

We are currently providing the half Grand Union, that will connect Toronto's TTC street car network to the new Ashbridges Bay yard.

By Contec GmbH:

Switch machines being supplied for the TTC's Ashbridges Bay yard. Additional installations include Edmonton's "Churchill Crossing".

By MOKLANSA of Germany:

We have supplied and fully installed several additional rail lubrication systems to Edmonton Transit in 2013. These are designed to stop wheel on rail screeching; reduce wear and improve passenger comfort. They have been so successful in abating noise that there are 15 more being installed in the Edmonton North LRT Extension.

By A. Rawie GmbH & Co.:

New sliding and fixed hydraulic bumping posts to many North American Transits and People Movers, including a Test Track unit capable of stopping a 374 ton /340000 Kgs Subway Train at 25 MPH/40 KPH and additional units for Dubai, U.A.E. and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Rawie Brake Shoes:

Been installed in several Canadian mines, despite the corrosive Phosphate atmosphere. Many more orders are anticipated for delivery in 2014; several for potash mines.

By Sika:

Injected Icosit KC340, a load bearing, self-leveling grout with sound and vibration attenuation characteristics continues to be used by major LRT's across North America. It is especially suitable for binding tie plates onto the base slab. First installed 30 years ago and there are no signs of deterioration.


Is the ballistically tested adhesive for spall liners within Light Armoured Fighting Vehicles made in Canada and the USA, the system has been proven to have saved many lives. See Adhesives on this web site.

Trackwork for Transits:

DT (DT-Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s.) of the Czech Republic has provided through us, extensive trackwork for the Edmonton North LRT system. Additionally, a #6 Double Crossover and 2 front ends are enroute to Calgary Transit for installaiton in 2014.


New and Relay "T" / Vignole Rails, grooved / Girder Guard Rails, Crane Rail, Construction Rails for special trackwork including 33C1/U69 Guard Rail. Crane rails both USA and European "A" series.

Other Products:

Pultruded Coverboard, for shielding Power/Live rails with or without mounting brackets. Composite engineered (HDPE Plastic) Axion ties/sleepers, supplied to Calgary Transit for use under road crossings. CXT concrete ties being supplied to Calgary Transit for use in all special trackwork in ballast.


Screw and dog spikes. Clips. DFF systems, Track Bolts, and phosphate coated fasteners. Abtus rail measuring devices.

Steel Forgings:

Die discs, bars and rolled rings are being supplied on a regular basis to our Canadian customers.

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