Joint Bars, Tie Plates & Direct Fixation Fasteners

Proudly Serving the Railroad and Engineering Industries since 1883.

Allegheny Insulated Joints

Toughcoat Insulated

Rugged Steel Bar Insulated with specially formulated Urethane Large Wheel Flange Clearance High Impact Resistant Glass Epoxy End Posts

Bonded Insulated

  • A red checkmarkEpoxy Bonded for Long Life
  • A red checkmarkInsulated
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Direct Fixation Fasteners
by Transit Products

The Canada Line, Vancouver, BC, May '07

Steel Joint Bars /
Fish Plates /
Compromise Joint Bars

Hot rolled AREMA Joint bars 115/119RE and 132/136RE

Rolled or Forged, Straight or Compromise

Specializing in Girder Guard Rail Combinations

Customers: T.T.C. Toronto, SEPTA Philadelphia, MBTA Boston, Calgary LRT, Galveston, Muni

Hucked Cast Frog to 115RE

Joint Bars NP4AM Inside and outside plates

Joint Bars 115RE to 140#GGR Inside and Outside Plates

115RE/140GGR Joint Bar Inside - Shows Fit Up

140GGR/115RE Joint Bar Inside - Shows Fit Up

115RE/140GGR Joint Bar Outside Shows Fit Up

Cast & Rolled
Tie/Base Plates

Available in Ductile Iron per ASTM A536 Gr. 65-45-12, 11" x 7", Double shoulder, 1:40 cant, for 5.1/2" base with 4 square holes.

Spring Clips e2055 & others for Rolled Steel Tie Plates

Skelton Metals

Proudly Serving the Railroad & Engineering
Industries since 1883.


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