Railroad Ties / Sleepers

Proudly Serving the Railroad and Engineering Industries since 1883.

AXION STRUCTURAL INNOVATIONS (www.axionsi.com) manufacturer of Engineered Composite Cross Ties.

Made from 100% recycled plastic. NO Toxic Preservatives. Impervious to moisture & rot. Non Corrosive & Recyclable. Does not conduct electricity. Long lasting 50 years>.

Tested at the TTCI of the AAR in Pueblo, Co. On elevated track on the CTA, Chicago. Crossties on Washington’s MTA. Installed under Special trackwork on Toronto’s TTC Subway. Tested on the BNSF, UP, & others. Standard tie installation methods.


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AXION ECOTRAX® Composite Ties being installed under a road crossing in Calgary 2010.

AXION ECOTRAX® Composite installed under special trackwork on Toronto's TTC Streetcar line in March 2009.

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Proudly Serving the Railroad & Engineering
Industries since 1883.


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A reliable source for metal and railway products, H.J. Skelton (founded in 1883), draws on many years of experience in providing our customers with products manufactured to the latest and best designs in the world owned and operated by Canadians.

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