Edmonton North LRT Project

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Edmonton North LRT Project

North LRT Project:

We are pleased to confirm installation of the massive, "Churchill Crossing" trackwork into the Edmonton North LRT system. This impressive supply was manufactured by DT (DT-Výhybkárna a strojírna, a.s.) of the Czech Republic; mounted on computer plotted concrete ties from CXT/LB Foster of Spokane, Washington and expertly installed by SNC-Lavalin. With a large part of this system in passenger service now, the balance is expected to be fully operational by the spring of 2014. www.dtvm.cz/dtvs/en

Additional supply to this major project includes Friction Buffer Stops manufactured by RAWIE (A. RAWIE GmbH & Co. KG) of Osnabruck, Germany who are world leaders in the design of these crucial safety devices. www.rawie.de

Moklansa rail lubrication systems were selected as the new standard for this expansion, yielding modern, computer controlled dispension of environmentally friendly lubricants in finely metered applications. Both guard rail and running tracks have benifited from these through-the-rail installations, while monitoring is now possible remotely using standard cell tower technology. Quieter operation with less wear and lubrication is now realized! www.moklansa.de

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